It’s December 18th. If you did not order online last week and you live in T&T, ya shopping local this season! That’s a great thing. Exposing your children to supporting local artisans is responsible Trini-parenting (in my mind anyway) and who knows, you just might plant a seed of entrepreneurship. Here are some of my fave local gifts for grown ups this year – all sub $200TT (30US-ish).

Sorrel Port: I have bought 8 bottles of this stuff, So far I have unwrapped two bottles for personal use… Smooth, sweet and intoxicating wonderful. Be warned, its 20% alcohol so warn the receiver to go slowly. Perfect gift for locals and foreigners alike. Available now at UncorkedTT and Time to Wine. $155 (ish). They also carry beautifully bottled local flavors of wines. To me these tend more toward the dessert side but watch this winery for big things in the future.

23794992_907146782793425_6714875317109303917_nButter Toffee Ponche-a-Creme: Did I catch you at butter toffee or ponche-a-creme? I stumbled upon this product via a friend whose husband downs the stuff. It’s perfectly balanced with alcohol and creme, but lingers on the tongue with a butter toffee goodness that just whispers holiday in the Caribbean. The 200ML size is most pack able so grab a few. There are also other flavors so don’t limit yourself. At just at $40TT each, these budget friendly babies are sure to be a hit. Grab ’em at Body Beautiful on the Avenue, Tabor House Bistro, or call/ what’sapp them at 498-6536 or 468-0276.

Rachel Rochford Jewelry: What aunty doesn’t love a beautiful pair of earrings or Turquoise-stainless-steel-1b_largebracelet? Rachel Rochford, an artist and jeweler puts her local stamp on semi-precious stones, metals and now leather with ease and grace. Find her products at The Shop at Hotel Normandie every day, or meet her at Upmarket at country club on weekends through Christmas. Tell her I said ‘hey’. If you are crossing the $200TT mark, she has fabulous leather clutches now also – with semi precious stone accents. #rachelforthewin

Immortelle Beauty Products: I’m hesitant to introduce others to this but…their foot -1scrub, body oils and body butter – OMG good. Scents are heavenly when you are pampering yourself and light enough to not give you a headache hours later. #love All individual body products are sub $100 each too so…. me and Bath and Body Works DONE. There are also candles ($145 each – less than the wretched Yankee Candles I bought in West Mall that are smaller and have less throw) and infusers to bring your fave scents into your space. Their gift packaging has a perfect blend of local and fabulous and their gift bags have gilded pink letters – #win. Scoop the products at The Shop Hotel Normandie, Superpharm stores nationwide or you can order their items online too. #muchoimpressive. 

Del Mano Sausages:  I wrote about these last year. There’s a pastelle flavor now. Need I say more?

Roastel Coffee Parang Blend – Don’t hesitate to get this as a gift!

Sinnamon Spa Gift Cards: Tucked away most unassumingly in the almost forgotten Belmont, Sinnamon Spa and Skin Klinic offers the BEST massages I’ve had…not just in Trinidad but the world and TRUST ME – after experiencing my fair share of rub downs from Africa to India, to nary the entire Caribbean and indeed, a couple over priced places in Europe – I mean THE WORLD. The massages will set you back more than $200 and I personally hope you ignore this advice because I planned to keep this simple little spa to myself forever.

Zabouca Breads: My mother baked every Christmas Adam (what she called the day 8af35bf9461721d2e9a84a5c74e9728d--bread-pizza-bread-makingbefore Christmas Eve) and delivered to all her neighbors and close friends. Dat madness was not passed on. Why bake when there’s Zabouca Breads? Their scones? To die for. My son loves the orange one! Breads? Gluten-free options available. Their location? Right on Traguerite Road. Find them on weekends at Upmarket through Christmas but go early – they sell out (shocker).

 Aioli Marketplace ANYTHING: OK I love Aioli Marketplace and all their ready to prep items

Aioli Marketplace Pastas are heavenly 

and grab an go food. While not 100% local in their offering (I’m not sure we have a strong Italian heritage in T&T), their wines, cheeses and everything awesome make for great gifts as do their desserts. Duck sushi? #yum Fab olive oils? Yes! Ready to cook chicken in lemon and rosemary? Sign me up! The lobster Mac and Cheese? #yum I’ve written about their ravioli…soooo if you are going to drop a $200 somewhere on a gift card, Aioli Marketplace is a great luxurious spot to pick on up. LOVE THIS PLACE.

Ya hear me Santa???? Hook a mama up nah?

What are your local fave this year? Hugs.