Hidden talents come out in parents. King among these talents is time management. We find ways to cram more into a 24hour day than we ever thought possible in life P C (pre-child). This is, of course, exhausting so I have found a few hacks that get me through. 

The Go Bag

Our actual go bag. Cute or not, it works and is ready at all times
In the event that maybe, possibly, hopefully we consider leaving the house for fun (interpret this as a grocery run), at any given moment in my home we have a pre-packaged bag of my little one’s necessities. In the bag we have:

  • Four diapers 
  • A change of clothes for baby 
  • Small towel
  • Vaseline 
  • Wash rag
  • Baby lotion
  • Water bottle 
  • A sealed pack of crackers 
  • Baby Tylenol 
  • Wipes 
  • Lysol wipes 
  • One pack adult panadol (headaches and colds happen for parents too) 
  • One small toy 

The vessel of choice to hold these necessities is a back pack for us because the back pack can quickly be the ‘only’ bag we need when out as there is ample room for wallets, keys and even a change of clothes for mom and dad in the event of poo or vomit when put. Vomit. Happens. Belive me, it happens.

HubBox Grocery

Online shopping is a rare thing in Trinidad, but thank goodness it started to work well with HubBox. This wonderful service offers a plethora of grocery items including items for baby (diapers and lotion) and adult items (wine!) at the click of the mouse (or, get real, fingertip.. What parent has time for computers when there is a smart phone). Are the items well priced? In most cases they compete with the grocery stores here however, factor in the delivery fee and if can become a bit more. Buy a lot to spread the impact of that fee but, on the real, for working folks like me with little to no extra help with baby? HUB BOX takes win. 

Rotisserie Chicken 

Store bought Rotisserie Chicken is the time saver you have been looking for

Working parents, if you eat meat, the rotisserie chicken you maybe passed by in you PC life, is the savior you have been waiting for. The versatility of rotisserie chicken has been heavily covered by websites and bloggers for years. On the local scene, my fave is the BBQ Pricemart 45TT dollar version. It is tasty, not as salty as others and the best price. 

Here’s how the chicken saves time and lives. 

Half the chicken goes into hubby’s packed lunch. 

Half the chicken breast gets packed on top of my home made salad (I eat salad almost every day… The struggle is real). 

The wing leg and fleshy meat from underneath the chicken is ripped into pieces and given to hungry toddler-man. 

The carcass is then stripped, remaining pieces served with bread for breakfast (slap a little mayo and cranberry sauce on there and its Christmas baby) and the bones dropped into the slow cooker with water and farro for the yummiest high protein low carb staple you can find. I cook this either overnight in the slow cooker or all day when I’m at work on the lowest setting. Add raisins, onion and celery  for a real treat.  Even toddler man likes Farro cooked this way.

Other rotisserie chicken tips:

  • Tacos – strip up a home chicken, add canned beans, store bought salsa and sour cream and voila! A fun, family friendly meal
  • Chicken salad 
  • Add it on top of zoodles (zucchini noodles) for protein with your veges 
  • Cube it to add to home made soup (interpret as carrots, onions and garlic boiled with potato if you had it) 
  • Cube it and toss with pasta and olive oil 

So basically, that one chicken can help feed is for nearly three days of meals. #hack

In Car Snacks 

My toddler at the end of the school day is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. Literally, some days he runs to see me and happily babbles all the way home,other days he cries from the moment he sees me all the way home in traffic. The solution? CRIX. Crix, the Trini cracker staple for at least two generations always finds a happy home in my son’s tummy. I keep some in my car in a zip lock bag damn near at all times. Grumpiness happens. Be Prepared. 

Baby Oxyclean

Grimy used-to-be-white and poo-stained onesies be gone, baby oxyclean saves many a baby garment from the garbage grave. Soak the soiled garment in baby oxyclean, water and a little dawn liquid detergent and voila, ya GT! (get through)


Nutribullets are must haves for parents

I’ve praised this little machine often in this blog. My nutribullet is used almost daily for adding nutrients to my son’s food. I’ve snuck spinach and carrots into pancakes, extra pumpkin in rice and countless other cheats with this must have parent life hack. 

Watery Juice 

What child doesn’t like juice? I don’t give my son pure juice ever! If he’s at school, maybe. Home? Always 3-1 water to juice ratio in the sippy cup. Ain’t no body got time for sugar highs. 

Squash Chips

Sounds nasty? Tastes great. Thinly slice butternut squash in slices you can see through, bake at 375 on a greased cookie sheet with a touch a salt and 25 minutes later VOILA chips that toddler and mummy can crunch on with out much guilt. 

Nose Freida and Saline Wash

The nose freida looks weird but works like a charm for suckling out snot. Available on Amazon

Snot happens. In toddlers it can happen a lot as nursery schools are germ fests. While your grandparents appear to enjoy sharing stories of sucking green nastiness out of baby noses, you don’t have to. The nose freida was recommended to me by a colleague and I can’t imagine surviving a baby cold without one now. No. More. Snot to lips Ever! 

Similarly regular saline squirts in baby nose can help prevent infection from thriving. This is medically approved, nor easy, but works. Trust me. 

How this list helped a few parents out there. Now tips to come. Stay tuned to the blog.