Just when foreign exchange got harder to buy, T & T’s go to store for baby items has expanded its offering to help quell your Amazon addiction. 

You are not Trini if you’ve never passed through Excellent Stores. As a parent, it’s a ‘must visit’ place for everything from brown paper for school books, to kitchen utensils and last minute children’s party gifts. 

In my opinion the most practical (and inexpensive)  baby gift I got was from Excellent Stores. Their $22TT baby vests are still rocked by my not so little one almost 18minths in!  

I passed by Excellent Stores (ES)  Movietowne in search of a humidifier for my congested baby. My mouth fell open as I pushed the door. Hello baby floor! 

The entire first floor of ES Movietowne is now all baby (and back to school). The place looks great and the prices aren’t bad either.

The diaper aisle is impressive with the usual mix of Pampers and Huggies. Nice that they have the full size range but very few Pull Ups. 

In a surprising move for ES (for me anyway), there is a complete formula/cereal aisle. No organic or premixed stuff but certainly a good selection of Trinidad’s top sellers all priced slightly below Massy Stores.

There’s a very wide selection of baby clothes. Not Carters but the quality seems OK. 

They of course have those super practical baby vests I spoke about. The styles have been updated. These look a lot more fashionable than the ones we have. 

I was thrilled to see potties priced from the 200s that light up and make sounds too. Also a good selection of bath tubs at fairly resonable prices (for Trinidad anyway). 

As with all baby places, there are products you do NOT need… We use and empty coconut oil jar for rinsing shampoo out of hair, soap off the body and now that he’s bigger, he uses the same container to pour water on himself to giggle. Of course, if you wanted to pay for a shower rinse cup… You can get one at Excellent stores… 

Some things are priced higher than the US though… This potty by Fisher Price is $345TT. 

The same potty on Amazon is… 

Now, when you add shipping and online tax, it likely works out to $325 sooo not all bad. Of course, you can find the same potty on E Bay for $10usd so it’s a matter of convenience I guess. 

Excellent Stores also has a collection of basic but functional feeding chairs. Less expensive than Pricemart but, similarly thoigh, a fairly basic (yet practical) selection. 

Of course there are baby toys. 

And, impressively, a wide selection of safety items like cupboard locks, sharp edge protectors and other things our parents never needed but our generation seems to like. I bought edge protectors for $95 here. Major buss. Not so small man ripped them off the table corners and was chewing them in less than 5 minutes after install. 

The cupboard locks available here were necessities for our kitchen though. He checks those cupboards every day to see if we forgot to lock them, leaving our bright colored poisonous cleaning agents exposed. #never

A few basic car seats were on show. I was told more are on order. Would have been nice to see brands I respected a bit more but, given that shipping cost us almost as much as my son’s mega car seat, it would be great to see a few higher rated brands that we could buy off the shelf here at home. 

Finally, for baby there’s a very large offering of Avent and Dr. Browns baby items along with Nubby teething items. How I wish I could find Tommy Tippy Bottles here or Madella Breast Pumps instead of Avent but, of course, those brands are literally twice the price of these and though higher rated, some would argue not worth it. 

For non babies, this floor also has a wide selection of back packs and back to school items. All available with fairly easy parking and close to the frightfully expensive Movietowne play park. 

Back to school really is in full effect. 

All in all, a great one stop shop for parents and baby shower shoppers. 

That said, parents be ware. The check out line has three foot high shelves ram with chocolates and snacks that your little ones will grab and want… 

Well done Excellent Stores. #triniparentsapproved #happyshopping