We got a sneak peek of the Five Islands Water And Amusement Park and without a doubt I can say it is an incredible place for family friendly fun. Designed in conjunction with one of Trinidad’s premier artists known for show stopping carnival showcases, Five Islands is as beautiful as it is fun – and its not even done yet! 

Located just opposite the old Chaguaramas Hotel, the ‘dry park’, the first phase of the Five Islands Water And Amusement Park, is well planned out, spacious and well worth the trek (and yes  likely a bit of traffic so get there early) to Chaguaramas. Children young and old will love this place and at 120/200TT its well worth the price. Yes adults, even if you are not riding you have to pay. Do you go into Disney for free? It’s good value for money (though steep for bigger families)  but spend the day as they open until midnight on the weekends!!! 

As you get inside, it’s clear that this place is impressive. 

The ‘dry park’ has many attractions including:

DRAGON FLY: For the thrill seekers, you won’t be disappointed! This is the slowest SPEED of the dragonfly rude… I saw it, clutched my pearls and ran away. Hubs loved it. 

TRAMPOLINE ZONE: absolutely fun – even for my toddler. Special socks are required and are available at the park. Loved that this meant no stinky feet or toe jam on the tramps! My video sucks but, it was fun! 

GO CARTS: Totally real and fun driving experience. Parents can drive your medium sized children in tandem carts. This one is not for toddlers but they can watch folks ride, as my boy did, from sides. 

Go cart track

ICE SKATING: Yes! Ice skating in Trinidad! I’ve done this abroad and it rocks. When we got our peek, it was not open yet but it will be worth the wait. 

FLOW RIDER: No need to fork out USD or risk Blanchi for your children to try surfing. This received awesome reviews from all who tried it. Expect a line up here. You ride until you fall (wipe out) so expect a few tries before you look like a pro. 

HOWLER TRAIL: Trek and climb above the trees (and arcade crowd)  in a ropes course type experience, complete with very sturdy safety harnesses. The harnesses are akin to those used for zip lining so you will look funny but trust me, they are safe and the experience is a fun challenge for adult and children who can be strapped to them if they meet the height requirements for the ride. 

TODDLER AREA: My son made his name here. Slides, wall mounted, baby height, interactive areas and of course, soft padding underfoot make this area great, fun no shoe zone and parents can watch from the sides. Lovely space. 

ARCADE: An impressive selection of arcade games are available. From 3 point basketball hoops for points, to air hockey, driving and motorbike simulation games, there’s something in the arcade for everyone. The lights from the games alone give off a fun vibe and the spacious layout makes playing them fun, without feeling crowded or jostled. 

Expect to scan your wrist band for access. Arcade games will carry a per game fee which is pretty standard. At the time of my sneak peek, the exact price per arcade game was not clear. 
Private rooms are available for parties. 
There is a full offering of fair type food (amazing hot dogs! #yum) in the concession area. My toddler loved the fries which he really needed after a long trampoline jump! 

Loved how sanitary and polite the staff were.  The entire place, even when not yet done at the. Time of our visit, exudes fun. Bathrooms were clean and there is a small area to change baby. 

There’s lots of space to run around too! 

Pre opening so still not landscaped but already looking grear

Can’t wait to see it fully operational. Phase one of the Five Islands Water And Amusement Park opens August 5th 2017.