When last you went to a fancy restaurant ‘jus so’? I mean like a random, it’s Thursday and me and the spouse feeling cute and like taking in a meal, with a candle on the table and waiters and ting…

Yea well, ‘us neither’. 
Since having our little one spontaneity is a bit more difficult. When it comes to food, now that small man is a toddler and ‘eating out de pot’, we kinda eat at home – a lot. 

But that does not have to be boring or tiring. 

Enter #AioliMarketplace. As millennials allegedly sitting down at restaurants to eat less often, many fine dining establishments abroad have home delivery and ‘make it yourself kits’. 

I’m not a millennial but I’m damn glad this trend has finally hit Trinidad.  

Aioli, one of Trinidad’s finest restaurants now has Aioli Marketplace, frozen ravioli in a variety of flavors available at your fave gourmet shop for purchase. 

They come in four flavors with non bulky packaging (which is reusable for packing mommy’s lunch salads) :

Aioli Ravioli Comes in these packages and flavors 

I’ll he honest, I was weary. As a pasta lover (hell, I’ve even made my own), I’ve had my fare share of B A D frozen ravioli. Preservatives ruin the taste. Bad ones break up in the package or worse, when boiled, their contents spew all over de place. So a local frozen ravioli,  even by a great restaurant, made me weary. 

I was wrong. Aioli Marketplace ravioli is the real deal. Easy to make, fluffy, perfectly stuffed and wonderful tasting. 

I tried the spinach first and was very pleased. 

Aioli Trinidad’s frozen spinach Ravioli

I would say three hefty servings come in each package. The sauce came with these also:

Lots of Ravioli and Sauce in the #aiolitrinidad #aiolimarketplace packaging

Each Ravioli is pretty big. 

The Ravioli were Huge!

The instructions were easy to follow.  Bring water to a boil, boil for 9 minutes:

I mixed in a little olive oil as they suggested but I did it before they boiled (I did not RTFI – read the ‘f’ instructions before hand) so my water got a bit of froth but none of the ravioli split (impressive Aioli, Impressive!). 

The Ravioli boiled up in just 9 minutes

When I strained them, even though I had added the tablespoon of olive oil, two of the ravioli pillows did try to stick to the pot but my pots are non stick so no issue here. 

While the ravioli were boiling, I remembered that at Aioli restaurant, they grate fresh parmesan onto the ravioli. My mouth watered at the memory. Soooo, since I was already treating myself to a special meal, I got my fave fresh (grocery store bought) parmesan:

As grated some on the small side of the grater. 

I thawed the sauce exactly as they directed – under running water. I expected it to be bland as I am a real sauce snob. I tend to make my own every Saturday mixing fresh market bought tomatoes, basil, roasted garlic,  sun dried tomatoes, bell (OK sweet) peppers and a few fresh roasted tomatoes with onions, carrots and yes, melongen (eggplant) for heft. Yeah, I’m. Serious about my sauce. 

But this sauce from Aioli? #heaven 


So I pulled out a white bowl and  laid out my at home gourmet dinner:

OK… I tasted one before. Look at how much spinach!!! I was sooo impressed. 

And because I ate at home, I could not leave small man out so I hooked him up with a nice presentation too! Hello, it’s spinach, cheese and flour. Veges and carbs so a great dinner for him! 

He LOVED the Aioli marketplace ravioli! He loved that he could pick them up and ate them with his hands. 

As for me? I freaken Loved this ravioli. Here’s where I stole one back from my son (I gave him a Crix in exchange… He was OK and I was thrilled with one more of these awesome ravioli). 

All in all, Aioli Marketplace Ravioli is a PERFECT at home date night meal. Pair of it with a salad and your fave crisp white wine and tings could get rreeeaaaallll nice. 

Aioli Marketplace Ravioli are simply perfect for parents who still want a special treat without having to find a babysitter. Lay up the table, light some candles and have Aioli’s home meals turn your boring night at home into something special. 

Also perfect for when friends come over for dinner and you want to serve something special without spending loads of time on the kitchen. You will need more than one package for four guests. 

So, head to Adams, BrookFoods or your fave gourmet shop to give Aioli Marketplace a try.