Dear parent of coughing child at school, 

I freaking saw you! I saw you bringing your obviously not well child to school. Now my child is sick too and, like the half a dozen others touched by the dark angel of  classmate induced colds this week, I’m vex as hell. You knew that wasn’t ‘just a cough’ or allergies. Ya shady! 

Ah understand though. A little. 

You see, I don’t have a tremendous family support system either. Mi Madre is with JC in the big blue yonder of health in the sky. All the other grand parents are happening sixty-plusers who genuinely have plans. So yeah, the last minute baby sitter thing is hard for me too so I get why you put 20+ other families at risk of the terror of fever, 

No child takes medicine like this (not mine anyway)
Baby Panadol administration (like for real, why my child has to make that seem like torture)  and sucking snat (if you do not own a Nose Frida, I die for you).  You probably had no choice. 

Ah understand but I’m vex still. 

I’m vex because when his health comes up with friends whose kids are not at daycare or, worse my grandparents, I’ll have that moment. The moment of considering lying as, admitting he’s sick again opens doors to the following comments:

  • He’s sick because he’s too young for school. Why you don’t just keep him home? 
  • AGAIN? (This comment served with a non verbal aligned to the comment above) 
  • Ya eh giving de child cod liver/shark/coconut/ oil? What ya expect? 
  • Ah tell ya he bathing too much/ not bathing enough
  • Is you making him sick. All that focus on career. 
  • That’s a sign from the Lord girl, quit that job and be a parent. 


(Takes break from writing to check on baby who has been slathered in baby Vix – 3rd time tonight) 

I get it too that little Phelmy One (Po) could not stay home with you either. I know a sista can’t risk losing she wok by taking another sick day. I get that many of us don’t split up the sickness (or any other) duties well with daddies so his staying home may have been a fleeting thought as you dressed Po, hacking as he/she went, for school. 

I get it eh, but yeah… This is round 4 of  school induced cold in my house and like seriously, I’m Damn near ready to give up thanks to the way too many parents like you. At least round four is just baby, it’s taken my three weeks to get over the regular cold mixed with stomach flu that truly tested the limits of our plumbing system and cost a 1/3 rise in the cost of Pampers (aka the household name for any brand of disposable diapers in the Caribbean). 

I just coughed. Steups. Time for Coconut oil and rosemary rub for baby and rodoxon for me. 

Imma come look for you when he’s better. Look our for Meh side eye. 

Hugs and happiness. With some health yes…