I love vacations. I hate packing. This is life. The good comes after the bad. To avoid the bad on vacation, remember to pack some of these baby essentials:

  1. Emergency Contact info for your Pediatrician: I had to use this once and in the panic I realized the number was saved under an odd name on my phone. Know the number before you leave. In fact, find out from your pediatrician what his/her requirements are for calls and replying. Thank me later. 
  2. Panadol: Teething happens. Don’t be like me thinking that teething is just the first four teeth or first 5-9 months. Wrong. 14 months and drool cyah 
    Nothing can ruin a vacay like worry. I pack panadol just in case fever or teething pains appear.

    done. Neither is teething pain. Fever happens too – suddenly and scarily. While drugs should not be your first resort, don’t be at a resort without panadol. I’m honest in saying that the piece of mind from having it has been more frequently used than the dropper to administer the baby version of the most popular OTC in Trinidad. 

  3. Oragel: Yeah. Teething. Get it. Pack it. Thank me later. 
  4. Baking soda: Heat rash is a real thing. Sometimes I question if my son was born in the wrong climate as he gets heat rashes that really only babies from Nordic countries should get. Nothing calms the skin more than a cool bath with baking soda. Pack the small boxes. Explaining a zip lock bag of white powder to customs may be a pain. 
  5. Dishwashing soap: bottles, chew toys and clothes will need handwashing. 
    Actual photo of dish soap I paid 5usd for in Jamaica on vacay. Don’t be me…
    Even if you are staying somewhere with a kitchen, don’t assume there will be dish soap. You will need it. Don’t be the parent that ends up paying 5us for 99cent Squee-ze imitations. 
  6. Antibacterial wipes: vacation will mean using high chairs, feeding chairs and possibly cribs that are not your own. Since packing an entire can of Lysol is difficult, antibacterial wipes are a great option. Pack at least a dozen – more if you are on a plane. Babies touch everything! 
  7. Baby friendly sunblock: sure they will have this where you travel to but I guarantee it will be double the price. My fave is Honest Company’s sunblock as adults can use it also! 
    Love honest company’s stuff!!!
  8. Mosquito repellent for baby: whether you choose to mix citronella oil with Vaseline or buy the mosquito repellent stickers from Amazon (I love those), don’t be caught in the Caribbean without them.
    Simba mosquito repellent stickers are cute and effective without toxins on baby’s skin
    Chick V be gone. 
  9. Blanket or sleep toy from home: sleeping somewhere new can be scary for baby. Help transition them with something familiar from their crib at home. 
    This sleep toy is a life saving device….

    Of course it doesn’t hurt to pack baby clothes and pampers either. Don’t forget the love. 

    Hugs and happiness.