This is a blog for Caribbean parents. Chobani Greek Yogurt is as far from Trinidadian/ Caribbean as you can get. That said, the stuff was sent to my child from the gods. He loves it!

Chobani with rainbow quinoa and mango 

Whether you are Chobani uber fan like me, or a less expensive brand of Greek yogurt, hopefully your baby will also love it as much as my munchkin did. Chobani is made from non GMO foods and natural sweeteners. They had me at low/ no sugar!

Ways we use Chobani:

  • Straight from the container. The serving size is perfect for a toddler and sugar content next to nothing!
  • Mixed with oats for the fastest breakfast ever!
  • Three tablespoons of the vanilla flavour with 1 1/2 teaspoons of chia seeds for an Omega 3 blast
  • Served with mashed local fruit: Paw paw, banana, mango, caimate, pomerac, etc
  • Served with mashed banana and cinnamon
  • Mashed into boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes
  • Added to blended oats, mashed banana and eggs to make “oatcakes”
  • Mixed with quinoa for breakfast, lunch or dinner

You get the picture. Chobani, like love, lifted me and boosted my son’s diet. Finding a food that loved that could be used in so many ways and saved me a bunch of time. That said, the stuff is healthy but really pricey. Greek yogurt is healthier than regular yogurt but if you go the regular yogurt root, why not try a local brand instead.

What yogurt does your little one love?