My mother had a way of dancing when she cleaned. It is a West Indian thing. The cleaning seemed to go faster when music was pumping. At Christmas, the music (see links to some of my Trini Christmas faves below) was extra special – because the cleaning sure was!

Seriously, what is UP with all the cleaning for Christmas? I used to ask MYSELF if windows were not cleaned, would Christ’s birth not be celebrated? I certainly never asked outloud. I liked my lips thanks. But now that I am a parent…I’m sure as hell cleaning and dancing, just like mom used to!

Growing up the music and shoulder dancing/ small wines helped  distract me from a lot

Brasso = Christmas Clean.       Image: TwoohTwoSeven

during Christmas cleaning…The stink of Brasso, cuts from cleaning pigeon peas and, of course, bleached white fingers from cleaning windows, steps and tiles were made bearable by songs by Baron,

Peardrax was a Christmas Treat

Scrunter and Sharlene Flores. Let’s be real, while the music made the time pass, the pay off of gifts and the glasses of sorrel, ginger beer and Peardrax that flowed “bufflessly” on December 25th (and 24th if a Parang side passed through) made the apparent child labour of the season worth it.

I swore off the Brasso, but I could never swear off the music. As I overclean in anticipation of  baby’s first Christmas, the Trini music I grew up loving during the “holiday Season”, i.e.: the day after Divali to January 5th when the tree has to come down as the 12 days of Christmas are over – even though you never got 5 Golden rings or any calling birds, is pumping as I over do the cleaning.

One of the sweetest things about Trini Christmas is the music. So, as you clean, treat your family to a few Trini Christmas tunes. Here are a few to help you pass on the clean and dance tradition to your children.