Want to save money? Want to save 45 diapers a month? Bum Couture diapers, available now at Pricemart work and really do save you money without being nasty.  They are #triniparentsapproved. Keep reading. 

Okay, I love the environment but I really never pictured myself washing diapers. Cloth diapers were never in my realm of consideration. That, like scrubbing clothes on a washboard, in my opinion, should have died out a generation ago. I’ve had a re-think. I realized that diaper failure at night is a “thing” and I became open to trying something new out.

Enter Bum Couture, reusable diapers. I stumbled upon them at a Christmas show (Bits and Pieces).  The pretty designs and high quality construction of these cloth diapers by Bum Couture (trademarked by the way), really caught my eyes. Why? Their packaging is on point. 

Bum Couture on sale now (July 2017) at Pricemart

The prints are delightful. The fabrics rich feeling and I pictured baby boy looking sharp while saving the environment! 

The owner of the business was holding her ever so cute 4 month old behind the table – baby was of COURSE modelling the diapers. They got me. To see an actual mom and baby using the product and not covered in poo or pee at the point of sale was too hard to resist.

In conversation I learned that these 100% hand and locally made diapers are

Other Places you can find Bum Couture from the Bum Couture brochure

endorsed/ sold at Dr. Christina Serrao’s office (other than at the various Christmas markets). Since then, I’ve seen them on sale at Pricemart! Very happy about that. 

Bum Couture diapers are 100% reusable and  each one fits babies  8-35+ pounds. That’s about 12-15 months of use from each one. Forget just saving the environment, if these puppies work for your loved one you will save a CRAP LOAD of money on diapers. Pardon the crap load mention. Actually, don’t pardon it. I’m keeping crap real!

More deets: The fabric of each Bum Couture cloth diaper is stay-dry and very soft microfleece on the inside and the exterior polyester for a smooth, sleek finish. No Fabric softener should be used (I have to wash mine again – yep, I used that Tide Free and Clear when I washed them) but they wash very well! Each $125 TT (cheaper at Pricemart)  diaper comes with two inserts and is completely reusable. I scooped two of these bad boys up. 

Review: These reusable diapers totally rocked! I tried them when my son was 7 month old. Being wimpy, I first used them at night (hey, pee is easy to deal with). My son stayed dry and comfy. 

I the tried day time one day that we were home. Poop came, I washed it off (screaming all the way #honest) and then tossed the insert and cover into the wash with a little baby soap. Perfectly clean results. 

In the end, in a month, they saved me 45 diapers. That’s a good savings AND at 16 months old, they still fit my small man so I use them still. 

My advice is to use them at night, once the room baby sleeps in is realitively cool (they are thick). The swim diapers are super cute too and we’ll. Worth the purchase. 

Buy local. Save money. Save the environment. Yay Bum Couture!!!