I’m that parent. The one who swore off buying my child shoes until they could walk. Being in the Caribbean with temperatures near balmy on most days made shoes for baby as foreign a thought for me as acorns. Well now small man is trying to stand up. We travel in a couple weeks and it occurred to me his perfectly long toesies may indeed need cover for the flight. I figured it was time to do some shopping – offline and locally for a change.

Shoes for babies were as foreign a thought for me as acorns. 

As usual, I combined internet searching with local mommy referrals to find a place in Trinidad (Western Trinidad to be honest) that carried shoes appropriate for my soon-to-be-walker. Internet research pointed me to the brand Pediped. Why? Their shoes have been officially recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) as being beneficial for children’s growing feet and were awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy foot development.

Yes. I believed the hype. Without question I know my grandmother, a mother of ten, certainly never worried about any of this stuff. She had ten children. By the time the first was as old as my son, the second was already cooking. It is not from a place of ignorance that I realize that this focus on ‘the very best’ is a product of access and, in comparison to the various true needs of children, borders on the frivolous. My justification? I, like many followers of this blog, waited a long time to be a mom and, as Machel says, ‘we go hard’ about parenting, not feting, well, not any more….

I digress.

All referrals pointed me to Kidorable. A small (or so I thought) store in one of the sunken corners of Western Trinidad’s most popular shopping venue: West Mall. I never thought of it before, but the location is perfect for parents with strollers as the shop is immediately in front of a wheel chair ramp which I also never noticed before becoming a mom.

The store sure enough had the Pediped shoes. The ones I got retail for $39.95USD which, if

Pediped at a Decent (but stil expensive) Price

imported would cost around $59USD with duties and taxes and estimated skybox charges. At an exchange rate of 1USD= $6.5TT, that would be $383TT. These bad boys were $350. My surprise that they were not priced at the usual T&T approach of “add a zero to the US retail price” made me realize that this is why the mommies sent me to Kidorable. The prices worked out better than importing via skybox – and that’s before the 7% new online tax in T&T. With my son’s new (very freaking) expensive shoes in hand, I did a tour of the store.

The prices are all pretty decent compared to online regular prices and, of course, the inflated Amazon ones. Let’s be honest, when looking at some prices,  Amazon sellers must, at times, be confusing Carters with Cartier.

$185 is a little more than importing but not the most you will find this for.

Case in point, this Carter’s brand Christmas pajama set can be found on Amazon from 12.99 to 27.99USD. Who pays almost 30USD for a baby outfit by CARTERS? Come nah man!!! As I inserted the hyperlink to their website, Carters is currently running a 50% off sale. #cartierbegone

The before 10% off sale price at Kidorable was $185TT which, even at the least expensive price comes it at about $20TT more than imported via sky box. While you could argue that $20TT is still just over 10% more than importing directly via sky box, I would argue back:

  1. Convenience of knowing it will fit/ ability to return without incurring a cost
  2. Instant gratification – no waiting to get your item.

I continued to look around.

There were tons of clothing options. Carters, Osh Kosh, Gerber – you name the 20161105_151457_resizedchildren’s brand and Kidorable had it. the selection is great and the prices far from p20161105_151628_resizedrice gouging. Unlike many children’s stores I have been to locally, there was fairly event distribution between boy clothes and those for the little ladies.

The formal wear section had suits from 200-600TT for your little lads – perfect for christenings or weddings.

For those looking for toys (and those, like me who are not looking but end up buying them anyway only to go home for your child to play with the box more than the toy itself), Kidorable has a wide selection of baby and toddler toys. Those are a bit pricey at about $100TT and above but my little one loved the vibrating teether/ pull toy I snagged for $110TT. His laugh was worth it for now but when school fees come into play I may sing a different story.

All in all, Kidorable has a wide selection of baby friendly items (all the way to 12 year old items) and is worth the trip. The prices are not bad (but not great) but for those in Western Trinidad a good option until you can travel further afield to Chaguanas and South Trinidad where prices are, I have been told, always better than POS. It was lovely to buy and have my son try on clothing right away (that has NOT happened since he was born due amazingly) and, most importantly, it was lovely to not have to wait for the Skybox delivery man.

Oh and Kidorable? You had me at the word SALE in your window.

Happy shopping.