Allyah mommy went out! Okay, seriously, I had my first evening out with my husband in months and it was awesome. Hubby treated me to a night at the movies which, for a woman that grew up

Gemstone Lobby

hitting Globe (cinema) once every three months when the cinema’s double feature actually changed BOTH movies, was still a treat. Being told we were hitting up the new Imax Gemstone theater that my friends without kids/ with grown kids had luckily tried before we did, I got excited and pulled out my heels.

Understand that I have been out out, like on a date out, maybe like twice (not counting our anniversary) since I pushed this beautiful boy out of me and maybe you will understand the heels.Date nights for parents are hard. Scheduling baby sitters and arranging for same is not taxing but sure can kill the spontaneity and put a damper on an evening that has any risk of not being good.

The Imax Gemstone experience was worth the effort. High heels are optional but romantic feeling from the intimate theaters and excellent service = relaxation for even the most stressed parent.

After safely parking in One Woodbrook Place, we took the escalator up to the Imax lobby. Selected our movie and seats for the Gemstone Theater showing our movie of choice (the schedule is available here). We headed up a second escalator (never knew this existed) to hit nirvana.

Hello Marilyn! The lobby outside the Gemstone theaters is far from shabby

A whole new area – so decked out in high end finishings that it appeared to gleam in the led light.  The Gemstone lobby looked straight out of a south beach high end hotel lobby – complete with Marilyn Monroe artwork.

The attendants behind the Gemstone lobby desk, checked our tickets and, as we were a little late for the movie (you try leaving the house before baby is down for afternoon nap), they presented us with menus to “order in the light”.

What a menu! From shrimp and calamari to burgers and hot dogs indeed, this menu was serious. There were salads for those who so chose but a flip of the page revealed a pretty decent cocktail menu selection (the cocktails all looked good – loved the custom cocktail offerings) but, not wanting to ruin my on again off again post baby diet, I opted for a glass of Merlot…with my juicy ass burger and fries.

Yes my friends, wine with fries.



Mini Lounge – Pic does not do it justice. Inset a glass bar & custom cocktails here!

Being escorted to our theater was a great treat and also quite educational. On the way we passed the doors to one other theater and this is when we learned that there are different sized Gemstone theaters with some as few as 15 seats and others going to under 50. Nice touch. Looking at the layout of the theater, I could picture a modern executive business meeting or a cool staff movie getaway for my team. I began planning almost immediately (you can take the communicator away from the office but the brain is always ticking I tell you!). Through the doors to the Azure theater, we actually passed a small lounge area. I pictured cocktails there with friends and a custom bar set up – had we not been so late, I’m sure I would have asked more questions.

We were then personally lead to our seats and pushed back

Theater view showing seats. The space between rows is about 4 feet  or more which is really wide = sense of privacy.

to a near lay flat experience. The seats are similar to business class on Emirates (oh the memories of pre baby travel)- just WAAAY more comfortable. We held hands over the kinda thick separation between the seats (I imagine they don’t want untoward behavior in their fancy chairs) and enjoyed the beginning (ok ten minutes in – we were late) of the movie. A few minutes later food and drink arrived – served at our seats! #thatswhatwetalkingabout

The wine was excellent. The server did not know the brand (it was soft opening time) but it sure did warm my soul and accompany my perfectly seasoned and perfectly medium burger extremely well. Diet broken for good reason. My husband’s chili dog (yes, gross I know – he’s not from here forgive him) he said was very good. It was pretty big and he was happy. We were happy. I the soft light from the screen and glowing neon accents from the walls, under the boom of the sound system, in our reclined comfy seats we gazed at each other occasionally and reveled in the ease of this date night. I looked lovingly into my husband’s eyes and even though he had the chili dog, I would have kissed him earlier in the date – if my burger was not so damn good and distracting.

Pause for the Haters: Now, I get it, somebody is reading this review and thinking this is something they may be able to do at home. Don’t kid yourself. Imax Gemstone = perfect date night. Being served food while watching a movie with no children crying, crawling or pooping = incredible. Having this experience in whatever you choose to wear = niceness. An intimate movie setting that you could literally book out for 15 – 40 of your closest friends = I in dat (one day – Star Wars Rogue One soon come).

Back to this dreamy experience: The soft leather of the seats caressed my back and cradled my head. The sounds of the movie were not going to wake any sleeping child

The tables turn in so you don’t have to lean to one side for your food. High quality materials too. 

and yes, oh yes, as soon as I ate my last bite of the burger that was really good, the dreamy attendants were back quietly asking at the oh so perfect moment if we needed anything else and instructing us to just press the button if we needed them. I think the attendants must watch the movie because they know just when to ask if all is well.

Can I get this service at home?

Just before the movie ended, the attendants were back with

Liked that the bill had the server name. Was not inexpensive but the quality of the food = great.

linx machine and the bill. The meal was not cheap but it was good and the experience worth it. We sat in those seats to watch the credits roll and sap up our last few moments together at the Gemstone. Twas lovely.

We checked out the bathrooms before leaving and loved the little details (I took pics but oh gosh – go and be surprised nah). We sent pictures to our friends and thanks the ones who recommended the place for us. We instantly made plans to come again as soon as possible.

There is no local comparison for the Gemstone Theater experience in T&T. I imagine, abroad it is the similar to Ipic which in Miami is $25US a seat and simply a lot more expensive. I’ll take my Gemstone local experience for $100TT and food options starting under $25TT.  Shows as early as 12:45pm too? Come on, what are you waiting for?!

In the event you and your loved one are looking for a simple but elegant date night, head to Gemstone. They’ve brought the glamour back to the movie experience, one glass of served Merlot at a time.