You had me at hello! 

I ate baby food when I was a teenager. Hell, I ate baby food in college. Those bananas in the jar were the bomb.

Fast forward 20 years and I’m suddenly one of those moms I swore I would never be. The baby food making mom. You see, since breast feeding did not work out well for me, I, like many of the over 35 moms I know, am overcompensating by making all my baby’s food. Now that I have read that baby food is apparently not that healthy, I’m really proud of this provision of healthy food for baby (though not produced from the boob).

I think this makes me a good mom. I also think it makes me tired no ‘ras but, c’est la mommy life be.

After getting the all clear from the doctor to try fruits. I of course,  I started with my old fave…minus the bottle.

My little one likes his banana cold. Sometimes I chill the banana. Hey, he eats it faster that way.

After bananas were mastered (IE well tolerated without excess gas or diarrhea),  I moved on to other things.

Avocado: I’m pretty sure my son is in love with avocado. He has tasted every possible variety available locally. As he got older, he loved to take the avocado in hand and,c2e94adf61ddc58e062ae781c3473954 in between rubbing it all over himself, he managed to take a few bites.

Paw paw: This was the first food my little young man seemed to eat fairly large pieces of. Likely because it is a sweet fruit and also because of its kid friendly texture, paw paw was a hit.

Celery:  I tried this pretty gross tasting vege because a naturalista at Fresh told me celery was great for teething. #wrong This is the first food my son summarily rejected. Blended or whole (they can’t easily choke on celery which is apparently fun to hold but horrific to taste), this one was a no go for small man. When he tried it it was the first time I ever saw him make a cat like hiss. SMH. So much personality!

Squash: Steamed, de-seeded and served mashed. Note that I steamed this in the microwave. about 7  minutes total in a plate with a bit of water and voila! Perfectly cooked squash. Sometimes I made this for myself also.

Kale: De-stemmed, boiled for two minutes (I was too lazy to steam). I buy this kale at my super-foodlocal “farmer’s market” (aka a small group of vendors who sell produce under the big tree in Moka). It likely is not US Certified Organic (it is grown locally) and more likely closer to a collard green that a true kale, but its tasty and my wee one ate it pretty fast when pureed with a small amount of water. I added cereal to ensure it was not too mushy – as he got older and grew two teeth (too cute), Mr. Man preferred food with texture.

Plantain: Plantain is my personal favorite provision. Small man loves some over-boiled plantain mashed with a few chunks left for him to feel he is “chewing”.  I introduced plantain just before the official 7 month mark which I think has coincided with his first width growth spurt – he certainly filled up after tasting plantain a few times.

Breadfruit: Starchy I know, but I love bread fruit and could not wait for Mr. Mabreadfruit-roastedn to try it.
Boiled to submission, and pureed with water in my trusty Nutribullet, breadfruit was not as appreciated as plantain – he was slow to love it but ate it none the less. His affinity grew when I mixed one of his most consistent foods, avocado with it.

ct-business-of-baby-carrots-20160118Carrots: Wanting to ensure his eyes were developing well, I boiled and pureed carrots for my young one. Let me tell you, carrot stains and BADLY. Be warned. When mixed with avocado, it seemed to be more enjoyable but no less permanent when smeared into clothing. Oh and orange poo = cute!

Beets: Being a glutton for punishment I introduced beets to my son’s diet fairly

They looked just as gross as this…#beets

early. Boiled for what seemed like forever in a pot that stayed tinged red for quite a while, the beets made for a bloody looking puree. Small man ate this cold with little hesitation. The result was red tinged poo but a pretty happy baby. Regrettably, my baby sitter was not found of beets so I realized she tended to leave this in the fridge in favour of other baby food I made. Some of it even spoiled.  I was not happy.

What did make me happy was the night I found myself out of any fresh fruit or vegetables. Not wanting him to have a day of just cereal and milk – woe be to the child whose day did not include some freshly prepared food – I reached into the freezer and found. Dun dun dunnnnnn! FROZEN PEAS.

Frozen peas – The gift to busy mommies that make baby food

Now, if you are a busy mom like me, you are about to fall in love. Frozen peas make for the easiest mommy made baby food. Boil for two minutes, dump in the nutribullet for about 5 seconds and voila – happy baby food. Literally. My son LOVES peas. SO much that he has bathed me in it.

Almost 8 months in, I have been bathed in the complete list above and most recently in boiled sweet pepper puree. He eats well. I’m dirty but happy.

Finally, something that I feel like I’m doing right.

What were your first baby foods for your little one? Comment, share, subscribe.

Drops wooden spoon a-la-mic drop. #overandout