I love food. Cooking, eating and sharing a good meal with friends and family are really my top hobbies. So when my journey home revealed a new organic store was opening up near me, I planned on stopping in on the first day.

Located on 49 Maraval Road, Fresh is a local take on your fave new wave organic/health food grocery in America – but with a local twist.

Lined on both sides by vast banks of chillers,  Fresh has the largest selection of fresh and frozen organic and non gmo products I have seen in Trinidad. And while their local product offerings are few (it’s not like we have standards enforced locally on organic produce), they have kept some local flavour with locally grown mint, pee-wah and zaboca to the front of the store.

But I came for the organic strawberries and raspberries to help me on my post baby weight loss journey. As I strolled the aisles I saw loads of items that would make my vegan and health conscious friends hearts go a-flutter: organic cleaning products,  hemp milk, almond meal, coconut flour,  organic Brown sugar (that was $60 for a pound eh – I eh buy dat), gluten free pretzels, organic Brown eggs, real Greek Yogurt,  New man’s Own salad dressing (so yummy) and even serve yourself giant pecans, cashews and various granola flavours sold bulk-style (I. E: serve yourself).

There was not any organic baby stuff (yet?) which was a bit disappointing but I picked up two tips from the green goddess and my personal yoga czar Charlotte Elias who was shopping there: organic celery stick for baby can help with teething and Quinoa (overcooked) is good for baby.

I left with my berries along with organic lettuce mix, awesome bulk vanilla granola and a bag full of other organic products that set me back the expected 600TT (about 90usd).Is it expensive? Yes. But find me organic products that are not.

Triniparents.com’s take on Fresh: Great source for vegan food and even better for finding products to help those with gluten,  wheat and other allergies. Pricey but almost all organic stuff is. Hey shopping there is cheaper than sneaking the products back in your suitcase but  prices are nothing close to what you will find at a Sunday market. Then again the guarantee of absolutely no chemicals (or hell just a few safe ones), can’t really be found in most of our local markets anyway so you decide: gamble or invest at Fresh.

My choice was clear and the strawberries? Yummy.