Looking for Caribbean resources to help you navigate the world of conception, pregnancy and life after birth? To avoid anyone else having to look for these hidden gems, below is a list of all the resources I’ve found online for hoping, soon to be and actual parents. Please note no business hereon has paid to be listed. If your business is not listed and you would like to be, please leave a comment  on the post so we can contact you. Thanks!

Conception/ Pre-Birth Services

Mamatoto: Pronounced mama-toe-toe, this is the place to head to if interested in safe, alternative birth methods and birth info that is not scientifically clinical but warm and accurate. I did pre-natal yoga at Mamatoto and can testify to the point that from the moment you walk in, there is something special about the place. Sign up for parenting/ childbirth classes and find a doula to help you with home, hospital or Mamatoto births.

Trinidad IVF: Getting pregnant is not as easy as we thought when we were first taught the birds and the bees. Fertility treatment options are becoming more accepted and thank goodness, couples with any trouble conceiving can now seek help right here at home. Located in Maraval and affiliated with the Barbados IVF Clinic, this centre has friendly staff, a decent website and are also accessible by phone. I understand rates are comparable with those in the southern United States so, save that US and head to your local centre for specialist help – including sperm count testing so its not just for the ladies!

Parenting Support

  • Trini Moms Facebook Page: Founded in 2010 by mom Suzette Camacho, the Trinimoms network has 7500+ fans and lots of info on upcoming events/ activities for children in T&T. Very Trinidad focused (hence the name – it is not called Tobago moms after all), very conversational and a great amalgamation of info from other sites with pertinent information like school term dates, camp information etc.
  • Caribbean Breastfeeding Support Facebook Page: With over 2,000 members, Caribbean Breastfeeding Support is a closed Facebook group with some of the best information for breastfeeding moms in the Caribbean. Very casual in their approach, in this group you will find real life moms and (some of whom are birthing professionals) who give tried and tested advice on breastfeeding. What I like the most about this group is that the moms are SO supportive. Often a frustrated mom will share her story on breastfeeding being painful, milk not being enough and the moms gang up on the post to show support and shut down myths. Membership must be requested but its worth it.
  • ParentingTT: An actual non profit, ParentingTT is the online arm of the T&T Innovative Parenting Support (TTIPS). This is a registered non-profit providing educational and support services to families. As this is a  non profit, there is an actual address and phone number on the site.

History/ Culture

  • Folkloristics: This site has folklore information from Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana. From Papa Bois to La Diablesse and everything in between, this is your site for information on our folklore and history of same

Educational Help & Resources

  • Pennacool.Com: Online exercises for children studying in T&T. Teachers and Students may join. Site requires membership but is, without challenge, the leader in online education in T&T. Their Facebook page also has quite the following with 12,000+ members.
  • Tutors in Trinidad Facebook Page: Looking for a tutor or, as we say in T&T “extra lessons” for your youngun? Tutors in Trinidad is a space for tutors to communicate the classes they offer and for students to request the tuition they need.
    Tutors in Trinidad facilitates this communication and monitors posts made to the page but does not in any way endorse a particular service.
  • Babybabble Network: As I have said in the post about Caribbean books and resources, I know the founder of this business well. Sam and I sat next to each other for just about every exam through high school. That said, her website is pretty cool with blog posts featuring product reviews, audio books, and parenting discussions. Her background in media is visible on the site with cool interviews too.

Government Info

  • Ministry of Education:
  • Schools Listing & Contact Info:  Great resource with phone numbers for just about every government, government assisted and private school in T&T listed by primary and secondary school.
  • Ministry of Health: Health care in Trinidad and Tobago is free for citizens who choose to access same from the public hospitals and centres. I used to work in the Health Sector and, a lot of great health care is doled out by the professionals at these institutions. The stories are not all positive, but at very least check out whats available before signing up to spend the big bucks! Up to date information on health warnings (there’s one almost every year for dengue/ “insert name’ mosquito born virus),  information on our free drug programme CDAP, statistics, vaccination requirements and health centre listings.  There is also a MOH Facebook page which shares information especially in times of public concern (eg: Zika 2016 etc).
  • Ministry of Health Vaccination Info: In 2016, the importance of vaccination in T&T became really important as many countries are requiring proof of the yellow fever vaccine to travel/ visit. Vaccinations are important and required by schools for admission.. As a citizen of T&T, you can get vaccinated for free. Vaccinations are offered at most local health centres and a few hospitals by appointment. The Ministry’s goal is to have every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago fully immunized. Free vaccines are provided to prevent the following diseases:
    • Tuberculosis (TB)
    • Poliomyelitis
    • Diphtheria
    • Pertussis
    • Tetanus
    • Measles (Rubeola)
    • Mumps (Parotitis)
    • Rubella (German Measles)
    • Viral Hepatitis B
    • Haemophilus Influenzae type b
    • Yellow Fever
    • Pneumococcal Disease
    • Varicella (Chicken Pox)
    • Rotavirus Enteritis
    • Rabies
    • Meningococcal Disease
    • Viral Hepatitis A
    • Influenza

    When you are vaccinated you are given an immunization card, also known as the Vaccination Card or Health Passport. Vaccines expire and must therefore be updated at the intervals indicated by your health care professional. Your vaccination card will be updated as you receive additional vaccinations 

Child Focused Businesses

  •  Irie Elephant:   Founded in 2016, this is Trinidad and Tobago’s most exciting new parent space complete with craft classes, a space for children’s parties, movie nights and more. There’s even a cafe!   Conveniently located just outside the city in Maraval, this spot is already a fave among moms in the West. Check them out and book your child’s party soon because this spot is already growing in popularity.
  • Ijump: Children love a bouncy castle so its not a surprise that Ijump, T&T’s first soft play space, is extremely popular and is even open on a Sunday (a rare  thing in T&T).
  • DivaSpa: Manis, pedis and spa party venue for your little girl. Mommy & me beauty days have found a new home. Bookings are required to ensure your princess is perfectly pampered.