If you were born in Trinidad anytime before 1985, you remember our island as a natural paradise. There were no (or much fewer) fast food chains, pre-packaged entertainment was the odd trip to Globe Cinema and yes, your TV time consisted of Sesame Street and The Young and the Restless.

30/40 years later, if you were one of those children born before KFC was king in Trinidad, you are now a parent and while you grew up enjoying nature, you are probably lamenting how little there is to do with children in T&T.

Don’t worry. I had to be schooled on the free things to do in Trinidad also. Here are my top three free things to do in Trinidad so far:

  1. Santa Cruz Green Market: You remember when your trips with mummy/daddy/ grandparent/ tanty used to be so much fun as a child? Okay – fun minus heaving the crocus bag around. Anyway, you can recreate some of that experience in a clean, safe environment at the Santa Cruz Green Market. Parking is $5 so technically there is a cost if you drive BUT, minus that, this market offers free entertainment each Saturday (and some Sundays), loads of locally made craft and tasty treats to try and even a table with a garden growing in the center of it. Sure, you will be tempted to buy something but entrance and entertainment is free.
  2. fs_tyrico-beach-p1030001.jpgTyrico Beach: I had not been to Tyrico beach since I was a child. Then some parent friends took me and I can now say – Maracas is for limers and Tyrico is for families. The water is somewhat more calm than Maracas beach but swimming still needs to be heavily supervised. Unlike its more lively neighboring beach of Maracas though, Tyrico is more quiet, fewer people and more open sand space for children to run around. One thing is for sure – Tyrico sure is picturesque. Just get your bake and shark on the way and you are set!
  3. Chaguaramas: From its hiking and biking trails to the howler monkeys in the morning, the Chaguaramas peninsula is as family friendly as it is picturesque. Bring your bikes and head to the Bamboo cathedral to delight your senses or pack a picnic
    The boardwalk offers early morning stroll opportunities 

    and spread out under the immortelle trees for day of relaxed fun. Be sure to bring your water and snacks as, unless its closer to the zip lining, gold course or heavily populated Chagville and Macqueripe beach areas, food options are limited. Also be wary of the traffic in and out of the area on public holidays. My tip: Go early in the morning for a stroll on the boardwalk before it gets crowded.

What else do you do  for free with your children in T&T? Comment and share away.