Let’s get real. You KNOW you don’t need all the stuff websites recommend for baby. Even if your last name is Gates and money is not an issue, there’s no way anyone could afford (or need) every single item on all those “must have” for baby lists. Sure you will, of course, need a car seat (we used and loved the Chicco Key Fit 30) but its not the big things you will need, its the small stuff that matters the most. So, avoid buying the wipe warmers (it’s pretty warm in the Caribbean folks – keep it real), diaper genies (we got ours as a gift) or expensive cribs and ensure you get the items you really, really need.

Here’s a list of 5 items we used and truly needed the first three month’s of our baby’s life in T&T.

  1. Lansinoh Nipple Cream: You see this is my TOP item right? You note that its not a blanket, stroller or outfit. That’s for a reason. The ability to breast feed is a blessing
    Breastfeeding is much less painful when you use this cream routinely.

    but breastfeeding can hurt. Those cute nipples (and I mean the whole dark area when I say nipple – not just the pre-birth perky cute bits) can get very sore – sore to the point that a t-shirt rubbing against them hurts. Get this cream. Use it after every feeding and thank me later! Note that at the time of this post Lansinoh was not retailed in T&T – you have to bring it in so find a relative to bring it in for you from America (available at all major drug stores, Target, Walmart etc) or order online for just under $7usd for 40g.

  2. Aiden and Anais Swaddle Cloths: From the moment our son was clean and dry, he
    These blankets rock!

    was wrapped in one of these amazing muslin cloths. Lightweight and breathable, these “blankets” are perfect for the Caribbean climate. We use  them every single day – at night to wrap him, as a stroller blanket and even as a blanket to cover us both when I am breastfeeding in public. To be honest, I’ve wrapped one up as a neck scarf before also – they are cute! Are they expensive? Yes. At $45usd for a set of three, they are a splurge BUT we’ve washed them about every two days for four months and they look as good as new. Don’t get the imitation ones, I got one as a shower gift. It sucks and is about to be a poop wipe!

  3. Fisher Price Safari Dreams Deluxe Newborn Auto Rock ’n Play™ Sleeper: OK moms and dads, this right here was a life saver for us.CHN22-safari-dreams-deluxe-rock-n-play-sleeper-b-1 This served as a bed for our son for the first four months of his life. It was also a chair he napped and played in. It soothed him, rocked itself and played music. Indeed an investment at $90USD, this sleeper went on our first trips abroad with our son, went to grandpa’s house is wrapped and stored for baby number two (should we be so blessed. The cute safari friends theme in soothing grey and turquoise is also neutral and works for either a boy or girl. GET THIS NOW.
    • A Solid Chair with HandleBoppy Infant Lounger: When I set up my baby registry at Babies R Us, I learned something very important about baby gear – CONTAINMENT IS IMPORTANT. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a cuddler. Cuddling in important. Hug your child (or be a CIO supporter – up to you). BUT at some point I guarantee you, even the most loving mom will need to put their child down to DO SOMETHING! Sometimes that something is to go to the bathroom, shower, cook – hell sometimes its just to breathe! Anyway, you get the point. This lounger helps you do just that with the piece of mind that your little one is safe (and won’t move). The fabric is easy to clean (the whole thing can be thrown into the wash also) and the fabric is also cool and perfect to be used in the the heat of the tropics. As the description says: Use it until baby reaches 16 pounds or can roll over on their own. 
    • A Solid Chair with Handles: You will note there is no link for this one as, really, any comfortable, straight backed chair with arms will do. The arms need to be high enough to hold your elbow comfortably. You will use this to breast feed your little one and thank me for suggesting a chair with arms that keeps you seated upright, keeps you comfortable and, if your lucky can be in your nursery or, more likely, bedroom. Rockers are nice but not 100% necessary.

So this is my top five list. I also love my Bob Jogging stroller BUT I live some where that I can walk and run daily – other than that I have never used a stroller outside of exercise purposes.

Baby bag? I use my husband’s back pack most of the time.

But all these tips, while useful, are just one person’s view. If you are going to gaga for baby gear, take a read of the Mom’s Top Picks before you shop and, of course, save up now!